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  • Winter Storm Caesar Dumping Snow on Upper Midwest Chris Dolce,Jon ErdmanPublished: Dec 9, 2012, 3:59 PM

  • "..The heaviest storm total accumulations will occur in a stripe from northeast South Dakota through central Minnesota into far northwest Wisconsin, where local amounts over 1 foot of snow can be expected, including the Twin Cities metro area....

  • Storm dumps up to 16" of snow on metro 8:35 PM, Dec 9, 2012 Written by The Associated Press

  • "...MINNEAPOLIS - The heaviest snowstorm to hit the region in two winters is dumping heavy snow across a broad belt of Minnesota including the Twin Cities area, as well as parts of western Wisconsin.
    As of 8 p.m. Sunday, Lino Lakes and Forest Lake both had received 16 inches of snow. Much of the rest of the metro area has seen anywhere between 9-16 inches of snow. ...

  • 597 Crashes After MN Snowstorm; Numerous Snow Emergencies December 9, 2012 12:30 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Up until this week, many of you have not dealt with snow and ice on the roads. Saturday night’s snow storm has left much of Minnesota covered in white — which is affecting flights, travel conditions and visibility.
    Nearly 100 flights at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport have been canceled.
    Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Golden Valley, Hopkins, Mendota Heights, Minneapolis, Plymouth, St. Louis Park, St. Paul, Richfield, Robbinsdale, Rutledge and West St. Paul have also declared snow emergencies for Sunday, until streets are plowed full width. Several snow emergencies don’t begin until 9 p.m. while others are in effect now. Check with your local community for more information.
    There have been multiple accidents statewide since 9:30 p.m. The State Patrol said there were 597 crashes, 61 including injury and one fatal.
    One crash at 35W and 46th Street involved two vehicles ended with one person being taken away in an ambulance. Their condition is not known.
    Another crash on 35W at County Road C in Roseville created a bit of a mess. No word if anyone was injured in that crash.
    It Just Keeps Snowing
    For many, the snow long overdue: Good times in the snow with family.
    “You’re never too old to play in the snow,” said Joy Ann McChesney.
    The McChesney’s mixed a little fun with work, using a shovel not only to clear the drive, but to help build a snowman.
    Hyland Hills was the place to be, fresh powder and lots of people anxious to attack the hill. But it wasn’t all fun and games.
    Clearing sidewalks, cars or just moving about on slippery sidewalks reminded us of how this beautiful white stuff can also be a pain.
    It’s going to be a busy night for Jay Mendoza’s Happy Yard landscape services.
    “I got a hundred houses to do tonight,” said Jay Mendoza. “Too quick, too fast. I was expecting three to four inches by time, but, you know, not this bad.”
    Sean Eddings is delivering Thai Food, on his bike.
    “Figure out exactly how to turn and what not without falling,” Eddings said.
    In south Minneapolis, the streets are challenging for anyone trying to get around without a four-wheel drive.
    “We’re letting people know it might be a little longer. Even in a car it might be kind of tough delivering, but right now people seem to be appreciative of our efforts,” Eddings said.
    This is the season of neighbor helping neighbor.
    These Good Samaritans tried to help a man free his truck from a snow pile.
    It took a little help from WCCO’s Reg Chapman to get the truck on its way. If nothing else, this first significant snow fall of the year brings us all together in our battle against the elements. "

    Whoa! 10+ Inches of Snow! December 10, 2012

    "Meteorologist Mike Seidel reports from Minneapolis Monday morning, as the city digs out from under 10.5 inches of snow that fell Sunday. It was their fourth largest December snowstorm on record."

    -January 2013

    *see Travel

  • Winter Storm Warning: Freezing Rain Hits Minnesota January 27, 2013 1:50 PM

  • "...The freezing rain will hit the Twin Cities around noon, with the chance of turning into sleet. Eventually, around 4 p.m. or so, that will turn into light snow, Brickman said. The snow won’t amount to much but because it will fall on a thin layer of ice, conditions could get messy...
  • Slippery conditions cause hundreds of crashes 10:54 PM, Jan 27, 2013

  • "...As of 8:30 p.m., the State Patrol reported 367 crases across the state, many of those spin outs or vehicles that went off the road. Dozens of people were injured, but none seriously. Three semis also jacknifed, including a tanker carrying propane in the north metro..."


  • Minnesotans Loving Rare Stretch Of Warm Weather January 5, 2012 10:49 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The temperatures outside have many of us checking the calendar after we broke records across Minnesota on Thursday.
    The Twin Cities hit 45 degrees, but it was even warmer out west. Marshall hit 61 degrees, and Canby topped out at 63 degrees.
    But there is snow, believe it or not, in the southern part of the Twin Cities.
    "It’s all right here,” said Carl Schubitzke with Snocross at Canterbury Park this weekend. “And we’re going to try and keep it as long as we can.”
    Mother Nature didn’t make enough snow for the half-mile course. It’s man-made snow.
    “We have had an uphill battle,” he said. “I really can’t think of a race the last couple years where we had to fight this much to pull off an event.”
    Crews have fought rising January temperatures, but they did get lucky just a couple nights ago. A couple cold nights meant six snow cannons could get to work making the course. They used more than three million gallons of water. This course is one of the only places south of the Twin Cities with significant snow.
    Some at Lake Calhoun are fine with just a dusting of snow.
    “We’re kind of lucky in Minnesota,” said runner Maggie Anderson, who’s been cooped up inside in December. A 45 degree January day meant she and other outdoor enthusiasts could hit Minneapolis lakes. She lost a few layers of clothes along the way.
    "I was getting pretty sweaty and only out here 10 minutes,” she said.
    She’ll take a streak of warm weather anytime, and ironically, so will Schubitzke.
    “To be honest with you, the warm weather… hopefully it brings out the crowds. So it worked out good for us,” he said.
    There should be plenty of snow for snowmobilers this weekend, and plenty of stories in the future about a Minnesota winter that never felt quite like all the rest."

  • Thin Ice Warnings Keeping Most Off Minn. La, Updated: 01/05/2012 9:28 PM Created: 01/05/2012 8:39 PM | Print | Email By: Lauren Radomski

  • "Authorities are continuing to warn of thin ice on Minnesota lakes, even as some people venture out anyway.
    One of those people is Jerry Schmidt, who was out ice fishing on Lake Minnetonka Thursday. He said he knows the ice is dangerous and says people who don't come out often should stay away.
    Lt. Steve Hartig of the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office Water Patrol says a number of people have gone through the ice this winter, though it could be much worse.
    "I think people are heeding the warnings, thankfully, and they're checking the ice as they go, and I think that's keeping a lot of people safe," Hartig said.
    Even though ice deaths have been falling in recent decades, since 2005, an average of three people have died each year falling through the ice."

  • Tow operators busy pulling vehicles out of lakes 10:32 PM, Feb 14, 2012

  • Agriculture

  • Winter Drought Worries for Greater Minnesota Farmers Search Updated: 02/16/2012 7:05 PM

  • "LONG PRAIRIE, Minn. – (KSAX) With not a lot of snow this winter, means not much moisture and many people wonder if farmers worry about that for planting this spring.
    "For spring effect it’s probably not a real big deal yet, a couple of good spring rains could make up for the moisture real easily," says Roger Zastrow, a farmer from Long Prairie.
    A few spring rains or even some good snow could cure the moisture problem for planting this spring, which isn't a big worry right now, but there is a bigger problem they also face.
    "What’s a major concern right now is the lack of cover on the alfalfa hay fields, because the sun is starting to get enough power now the last few days. The ground has been getting muddy on top and if we don't get ground cover on the hayfields and the ground thaws down about six inches and refreezes, it will sheer the roots off on the alfalfa plants, killing the plants," explains Zastrow.
    With a lot of time left before spring, farmers would rather have that snow right now.
    "If we lose a good majority of the stands that are out here now, it would be a pretty serious hay shortage in the area." With a shortage of hay, then the problems fall down the line.
    "If you don’t have the good quality alfalfa hay, your milk production is going to take a terrible hit and there isn’t any crop that can really replace alfalfa hay in a dairy ration,”..........”We need some snow to get some of the low grounds recharged a little bit because everything is so dry.”
    Because of a drought that’s affecting nearly all of Minnesota; state officials are telling farmers it’s time to consider crop insurance.
    Written for the web by Nick Lenz"



  • It's official: Snowiest December on record Updated: 12/25/2010 10:13:00 AM

  • "GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- With exactly a week left in 2010, Minnesota set a snow record between Thursday night and Friday morning.
    About 4.6 inches of snow fell at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport late Thursday night and Friday morning, giving Minnesota 33.4 inches for the month of December. It's the most snow we've received in December in 41 years.
    The previous all-time record for December, set in 1969, was 33.2 inches. That means a new record has been set, and there are still seven days to go.
    If predictions hold true, the record will be shattered by this time next week. More snow could arrive by Wednesday next week, and KARE-11 Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard is predicting that another major storm could hit the metro on New Year's Eve.
    The City of Minneapolis is happy to report that there won't be a snow emergency on Friday. City officials say crews have been out around the clock plowing and treating streets to keep roads drivable.
    City officials say they don't need to declare a snow emergency because residents have been following parking rules. The Winter Parking Restriction, however, remains in effect until April 1.

  • Piles of snow with no where to go By Boua Xiong Updated: 12/25/2010 3:46:42 PM

  • -February

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  • Snow Collapses Wagner Hardware Roof in Glenwood; Authorites Cleaning up Huge Mess , Updated: 02/01/2011 8:59 PM

  • "...GLENWOOD, Minn. - The roof of the Wagner Hardware store located in downtown Glenwood collapsed around 4:00 p.m. on Feb. 1 from the excessive snowfall according to the Glenwood fire department.
    The overall severity of the collapse has not been determined but the Glenwood fire department said there is extensive damage to the building and the store has been closed down indefinitely.
    Employees were in the building during the collapse but no injuries have been reported.
    No surrounding buildings were damaged.
    Written for the web by Tony Seeman..

    Roof Collapses At Glenwood Hardware Store February 1, 2011 9:00 PM
    ".The publisher of the local newspaper, Tim Douglass, said the roof of the same building collapsed about 15 years ago...
    Wagner Hardware Roof Collapse Caught On Camera, Updated: 02/03/2011 9:32 AM | Print | Email By: Laurie Stribling
  • Gym roof collapses at Minnesota church, Created: 02/04/2011 9:51 AM

  • " APPLE VALLEY, Minn. (AP) - The gymnasium roof at an Apple Valley church and school collapsed early Friday....
  • Prevent a Roof Collapse: Remove Ice and Snow by Cheryl Thompson, Posted Feb 8th 2011 2:30PM

  • "..Heavy snow and ice accumulation, coupled by a wave of roof collapses, have left residents of the Northeast rushing to remove enough snow before their rooftops give way. The demand is so great that snow removal tools like roof rakes have become winter's version of Tickle Me Elmo -- a hot commodity flying off of stores shelves.
    With the threat of more snow on the horizon, state emergency officials across the region are urging people to clear their roofs and decks to minimize the likelihood of structural collapse. To prevent major damage, as well as save big bucks and stress, here's a breakdown of winter roof protection.
    Dangers of Snow-Covered Roofs
    Picturesque snow-capped houses are charming, but don't be fooled by their delicate beauty. Snow has a great deal of weight, and that weight increases immensely when rain, ice and sleet are added to the mix. Two feet of snow on the average-sized roof can be the equivalent of 38,000 pounds, or 19 tons, NBC News reports. All of this weight puts stress on your roof and weakens its structure.
    Complicating matters more, the melting of this mass can cause water seepage, which can rot roofs, destroy insulation, flood attics, ruin gutters and damage the interior of your home.
    Before attempting to remove snow from roofs, take note that clearing roofs can be a dangerous task. Think twice before jumping on the roof with a shovel in hand. Most officials don't support the idea of people climbing onto their roofs to remove the buildup, as the weight of a person may be just enough to trigger the roof to collapse. Also, taking the wrong step on an icy roof can easily send you sliding down a slippery slope.
    So above all, be careful! If you're afraid to DIY it, don't

    Warning Signs That a Roof Is About to Collapse
    The obvious sign that a roof is about to give way is sagging. Also, if you hear creaking, cracking, popping sounds, you should get out of the building as quickly as possible, as these are strong indicators of an imminent collapse.
    Severe roof leaks, bowed pipes attached at the ceilings, cracks in the walls or masonry, doors that pop open, as well as doors or windows that are difficult to open are also signs people should look for, according to the Providence Emergency Management Agency.
    In addition to your roofs, take heed of decks. Often times they are DIY hacks and may not be up to coding standards. This makes them highly susceptible to collapse under the weight of the snow and ice.
    How Do You Remove Snow from the Roof?
    Once snow buildup occurs or ice dams forms, using a roof rake is the best option that doesn't require spending cash on a professional. The rake has an extended handle, which enables you to pull snow off the roof -- from the safety of the ground.
    To remove snow and ice, start from the edge and work your way into the roof using downward strokes. Try to to scrape the snow along the bottom of the roof, shaving two or three inches off. There's no need to scrape the roof entirely clean, as this will risk damage to your roof shingles or other roof covering.

    If you don't have a roof rake (or your local hardware store is sold out), follow these tips to create a DIY roof rake.
    Metal snow rakes conduct electricity if they come into contact with a power line, so be careful. Also, avoid using a ladder when removing the snow; the ladder's rungs can freeze and cause you to slip. Instead of the ladder, buy extension poles or a longer rake to reach higher portions of the roof. While the average roof rake can be purchased for about $40, the Avalanche Snow Rake is pricier (around $120) and allows for easy removal of snow from high roofs.
    How to Prevent Ice Dams - Get snow off the roof before it can cause ice damage.
    Ice dams typically form when snow on the roof starts to melt due to heat escaping from inside the home. The melted water runs down the roof, refreezes and clogs up gutters. As more snow melts, because the gutters are blocked, the water is forced to travel under the shingles and leak into the house.
    - Add insulation to attic floors.
    A well-insulated attic and well-ventilated roof will prevent heat from escaping, which in turn will protect the roof from conditions that cause ice dams.
    - Clean your gutters bi-annually.
    Blocked gutters and downspouts can cause ice damns -- as well as rot and other water-based damage to your home. Before the first snow falls, clean your gutters to remove leaves, twigs and other debris that have collected through the fall. Perform this task again in the spring, to clean out the debris from winter.
    - Keep gutters and drains free of ice and snow. During winter months, make sure your downspouts are clean at ground level.

    - Use pantyhose for a fast fix.
    This Old House suggests filling the leg of a pair of pantyhose with chloride ice melter. Put the hose onto the roof so it overhangs the gutter. The calcium chloride will melt through the snow and ice and free up a channel for water to flow down into the gutters and off the roof...

    =>9'-17" Storm

  • Messy commute in metro after winter storm 9:10 AM, Feb 21, 2011

  • "MINNEAPOLIS -- A winter storm that blew through the upper Midwest over the long Presidents Day weekend coated roads with ice and mountains of snow, and led airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. Residents of Minnesota who didn't get the Monday holiday off faced what is expected to be a dismal commute. Officials are urging people to stay off the roads if possible, rather than risk driving on icy roads or through wind-driven snow. A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY is in effect for much of Minnesota including the Twin Cities metro Monday for additional snowfall accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and even some higher amounts to the north of the metro. The snow may be mixed with light freezing drizzle at times especially in the morning across southern Minnesota.
    The National Weather Service said up to 13 inches had fallen in the Twin Cities by Sunday night, and light snow and freezing drizzle was expected to continue into Monday morning. The storm brought with it winds of 15 to 30 mph.
    Hundreds of flights were canceled at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as the storm started moving through Sunday.
    Minnesota Department of Transportation spokesman Kevin Gutknect noted that Monday's expected light holiday traffic would make more room for snow plows, but for those who are on the road blowing snow will make clearing the roads difficult.
    "If people don't need to travel, they shouldn't," Gutknect said. "It's really hard for people to see."
    The University of Minnesota closed its Twin Cities campus until noon Monday, and the Minnesota Historical Society postponed its History Matters Day at the state Capitol in St. Paul.
    Hennepin County libraries are opening two hours late Monday and will open at noon.
    Several cities in the southern half of the state, including St. Paul, declared snow emergencies, which typically trigger parking restrictions that make it easier to clear the streets. Minneapolis public works officials said they would wait until the snowfall ended before decided whether to declare a snow emergency.
    Twin Cities metro area forecast for Monday, February 21, 2011: Cloudy with light freezing drizzle and light snow - additional accumulations of 1 to 3 inches by sunset (5:49 p.m.) most areas will likely see about 1 inch of snow Monday. Highs will be in the mid 20s with gusty northeast winds at 10 to 20 mph during the day decreasing to less than 10 mph from the northeast this evening. Partly cloudy Monday night with lows near 10 degrees by sunrise (7:03 a.m.) Tuesday.
    The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said driving conditions were hazardous as the storm brought a mix of ice, snow and high winds to the southern part of the state and heavier snow further north. The agency said numerous slide-offs and crashes had been reported on interstates by Sunday night. The National Weather Service said snow accumulations could reach more than a foot in central Wisconsin.
    In Michigan, state police cautioned that mix of snow and freezing rain was expected through midday Monday in the southwestern part of the state. Up to a foot of snow was forecast in some areas. Mecosta County Sheriff's Sgt. J. Koepke said southbound U.S. 131 was closed for several hours Sunday after 50 to 60 vehicles crashed near Big Rapids. "

  • Mpls. Declares Snow Emergency, New Seasonal Record February 21, 2011 8:47 AM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The City of Minneapolis has declared its eight snow emergency this winter, which sets a new seasonal record.
    The snow emergency begins on Monday. Drivers may move their cars to either side of non-snow emergency routes starting at 4 p.m. An allowance for winter parking restrictions will be made during the snow emergency.
    However, drivers will once again be banned from parking on even sides of non-snow emergency routes beginning on Thursday at 8 a.m.
    Meanwhile, the City of St. Paul remains in a snow emergency, which was declared on Sunday and went into effect at 9 p.m. that day. Crews were focusing on night phase routes even as morning broke, owing to the high moisture content of the snow.
    A number of other cities were under snow emergencies or were observing parking restrictions to help crews clear Sunday’s snow. Click here to see the full list."

    Morning Flights Canceled At MSP February 21, 2011 9:33 AM

    Snowy Metro Roads Dangerous on Monday Commute:

  • Snowy Metro Roads Dangerous on Monday Commute Updated: Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 10:03 AM CST Published : Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 7:23 AM CST by Tom Halden / FOX 9 News

  • "BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Sunday's snow storm makes Monday a messy commute, depite the holiday. FOX 9's Tom Halden takes to the south metro roads, where up to 17 inches of powder fell, to preview the commute.
    371 crashes -- 45 causing injuries -- and 650 vehicles were driven off the road have occurred on Minnesota roads since the first flakes fell through 7:45 a.m. Monday. Over 11 inches of snow fell in a 24-hour period, that is an all-time state record.
    MnDOT advises against travel if you can help it, and it's plow crews are rotating 12-hour shifts to clear roadways.
    A state trooper was hit by an oncoming vehicle while outside of his squad car investigating an earlier accident at I-394 and Penn Avenue in Minneapolis. He jumped just before inpact and suffered a cut on his left hand and slight right leg injury as the impact broke the car's windshield."

    371 Crashes, 45 Hurt on Minnesota Roads Due to Winter Storm Updated: Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 11:24 AM CST Published : Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 7:23 AM CST by Tom Halden / FOX 9 News
    "BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - Sunday's snow storm makes Monday a messy commute, despite the holiday. FOX 9's Tom Halden takes to the metro roads, where up to 17 inches of powder fell and hundreds crashed.
    371 crashes -- 45 causing injuries -- and 650 vehicles were driven off the road have occurred on Minnesota roads since the first flakes fell through 7:45 a.m. Monday. Over 11 inches of snow fell in a 24-hour period, that is an all-time state record.
    MnDOT advises against travel if you can help it, and it's plow crews are rotating 12-hour shifts to clear roadways..

  • Slick & Snow-Packed Roads Make for Difficult Travel Search Updated: 02/21/2011 12:04 PM Created: 02/19/2011 2:10 PM By: Scott Theisen

  • "Drivers heading out on the roads Monday morning are facing slick, difficult driving conditions in many areas after a winter storm dumped a foot or more of snow across areas of the Twin Cities.
    5 EYEWITNESS NEWS Meteorologist Patrick Hammer says another one to three inches of snow are possible throughout Monday. Between 10 and 14 inches of snow fell across most of the Twin Cities since the start of the storm on Sunday. The storm dumped 18 inches in Eden Prairie and 16 inches in Bloomington.
    Hammer says 11.8 inches at the airport Sunday makes it the snowiest February day on record and the greatest February storm for the Twin Cities on record. This is the third snowiest winter to date....

    Need Proof Driving is Tough? Plow Gets Stuck , Search Created: 02/20/2011 10:47 PM | Print | Email By: Michelle Knoll
    "If you need proof driving was tough in the Twin Cities Sunday, even snow plows were getting stuck.
    Jeff Guille caught one out the front window of his Rosemount home. He say a city plow got stuck right in front of his driveway. He said it took about 20 minutes for it to free itself.
    The plow finally got out by rocking back and forth several times and spraying sand and salt out the back of the truck. "

  • People fight snowy side streets in Dayton's Bluff 10:39 PM, Feb 21, 2011

  • "SAINT PAUL, Minn. -- In the hilly neighborhood known as Dayton's Bluff on Saint Paul's East Side, residents battled snow packed side streets Monday with a mix of pluck and frustration.
    Riley Soeffker, and 8th grader home from school for the President's Day holiday, divided his time between shoveling neighbors' sidewalks and pushing strangers stuck on streets that hadn't seen plows yet.
    "He's got a good group of friends here together, and they kind of take care of the neighborhood," his mother Kari Soeffker told KARE, "Including me, and it's nice. I'm just last on the list!"
    Kari herself had been stuck in the alley earlier, only to find the coffee shop she was headed to for a break from laundry was closed."..

  • Feb. 20-21 Snow Totals by City Minnesota Snow Storm Numbers Updated: Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 12:30 PM CST Published : Monday, 21 Feb 2011, 10:39 AM CST FOX 9 News
  • Winter Driving Story

    Wow, what a day!! I drove to Moose Lake earlier this morning with some friends (from St. Cloud) and nearly missed a direct hit with a speeding 4 wheel drive that missed the stop sign coming of the exit ramp of I-35 by the Mora exit. This vehicle just turned enough as I turned enough to avoid a head-on-collision or clipping each other! Wow, thank God! I look back at a couple of people that gave me a fore-warning earlier this morning back in Morris when I was filling my gas tank ($2.27/gallon). The attendant and customer both warmed me to drive safely after I told them I was headed to Moose Lake for a 4-hour drive. This happens right after seeing a squad car race down main street and would turn it's sirens on..probably to a car accident. I would later see a state trooper racind down highway 59 towards the same direction after I got my gas and was heading out of Morris. I would then realize there were accidents all over the state...

    Are You Available? February 26, 2011 at 10:22pm Goodnewseverybodycom's Weblog

  • Slippery roads cause over 100 metro crashes 9:28 PM, Feb 26, 2011

  • "MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota State Patrol says slippery conditions have caused over 100 crashes in the metro Saturday.
    Lt. Eric Roeske says 153 crashes with at least 26 injuries were reported in the metro between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
    Statewide, 185 crashes were reported, including one squad car that was hit on I-94 near St. Cloud. Fortunately, the trooper was not inside the squad when an out-of-control vehicle came from behind and was not injured.
    According to Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard, over an inch of snow fell in the metro Saturday.
    (Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)


    "Up to 11 inches of snow in parts of the Twin Cities
    Residents in the Twin Cities area dug out from snowfall Saturday that reached almost a foot in some places, while wintry conditions"

  • Winter Woes: Towed Cars, Downed Trees And Power Outages November 14, 2010 7:21 PM

  • "..The aftermath of Saturday’s storm is still being felt by the nearly 50,000 people in the metro area who were still without power on Sunday morning...
    The Minneapolis Impound Lot said they had longs lines of tow trucks carrying in vehicles. On Sunday, 648 vehicles were towed in Minneapolis and on Saturday, 399 vehicles were towed, according to Matt Laible with the City of Minneapolis’ communications department...

  • Snowstorm Causes 500 Minn. Crashes; 3 Deaths , Updated: 11/14/2010 5:28 PM By: Michelle Knoll

  • "The Minnesota State Patrol says as of 6:30 a.m. Sunday troopers had responded to 500 crashes and another 600 cars off the road.
    One of those crashes was fatal. 24-year-old John Kennedy of Minneapolis was killed when his car went in the ditch on Highway 60 in Blue Earth County Saturday and was hit by another car.
    The Minnesota State Patrol says two people were seriously hurt in other crashes around the state.
    A two-car crash in Bayfield County, Wisconsin killed two people Saturday and left a third injured."

  • Snowstorm Headlines FOX 9 Morning News Updated: Saturday, 13 Nov 2010, 5:53 PM CST Published : Saturday, 13 Nov 2010, 5:53 PM CST

  • " MAPLE GROVE, Minn. - Our first snowstorm of the season began around midnight Friday night. By the time 7 a.m. Saturday rolled around, we were dealing with significant accumulations around the Metro.
    FOX 9's Jody Ambroz was up early and giving us our first look at winter all morning long."


    -Monday, January 25th of 2010
    *see my personal home video

  • Blizzard shuts down roads in Minn., strands students at school, By KARE 11 Staff Writer Updated: 21 hrs ago (Tuesday, January 26th of 2010)

  • "GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- Officials in Minnesota have shut down state highways in south-central and southwestern parts of the state due to blowing snow. This includes southbound Interstate 35 between Albert Lea and the Iowa border. Interstate 90 from Albert Lea to the South Dakota border is also closed.
    Governor Tim Pawlenty activated the Minnesota National Guard to help motorists in that region. The National Guard Armories in Olivia, Marshall, and St. James are open for stranded travelers.
    As of 10 p.m. Monday night, 156 stranded travelers are staying at the armories and other shelters in southern Minnesota.
    Authorities recommend that motorists stay off the roads until MnDOT plows clear them. The Minnesota State Patrol will determine when roads are safe for travel.
    Many state offices were closed in the region and workers dismissed early.
    About 100 students are spending the night at the high school in Westbrook because school officials say the blizzard has made it unsafe to send them home.
    The students live in rural southwestern Minnesota and can't get home due to blowing snow and closed roads.
    Westbrook Principal Bill Richards says the school has plans for when the weather makes the area roads impassable, but it hasn't used them since the mid-80s.
    He says the students are safe and their parents have been notified. The school is warm and has plenty of food and a local hospital is providing any needed medications.
    He says the students will sleep on wrestling mats and on donated sleeping bags and blankets.
    Thief River Falls School District in Pennington County was among those that called off classes Monday.
    Pennington County sheriff's dispatcher David Carlson says heavy, wet snow this past weekend was "like blowing applesauce around," but lighter snow combined with gusting winds in "the 30 mile per hour range" reduced visibility Monday.
    City officials in Duluth asked residents to stay home as heavy snow fell in the city.
    City spokeswoman Amy Norris says if drivers keep the roadways clear it will make plowing more effective. She says it's essential to get the streets as clear of snow as possible, with colder temperatures in the forecast that could freeze snow and ice to the asphalt."

  • Blizzard activated online survey on winter storms Last update: January 26, 2010 - 9:45 AM

  • "Monday's blizzard across southern and western Minnesota activated an online survey of the public's responses to winter storm warnings. The survey, a joint effort of St. Cloud State University and the National Weather Service and now in its third season, is available at It's active for 72 hours after the expiration of a storm warning."

  • Blizzard Warning in Western, Southern Minnesota Whiteout conditions make travel dangerous Updated: Monday, 25 Jan 2010, 10:08 PM CST

  • "..The snow was expected to taper off Monday night, but the weather service was forecasting wind chills of nearly 20 below zero to develop in southwestern Minnesota and continue into Tuesday morning.
    Earlier Monday, officials closed state highways in south-central and southwestern parts of the state due to the storm. Some snowplows were taken off the roads.
    Minnesota National Guard
    Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty today activated the Minnesota National Guard to assist counties in southern and west-central Minnesota with sheltering and other support. The National Guard armories in Olivia, Marshall, and St. James are open for any stranded travelers. Rock County also requested a vehicle for locating and rescuing stranded motorists.
    There are a totaly of 156 people in shelters...


    Margaret Whiting and Johnny Mercer - Baby Its Cold Outside

    "Uploaded on Dec 7, 2009 Baby its cold outside beautifully sung by Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting. Contrary to the mass of information and downloadable music displayed on the internet, which is all totally incorrect!! This video portrays the true artists who both sang and recorded this song. Yes it is John Mercer and Margaret Whiting and NOT Doris Day and Bing Crosby. After extensive research this is 100% confirmed and the information, LP and origonal song sheet have been picture copied and included in this video.. Please link to this video if possible and let the world know who the true artists are, for this very famous song. "


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