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=West Central Minnesota

  • T.G.I.F.? Severe Weather, Flooding Slams Greater Minnesota , Updated: 07/15/2011 3:01 PM By: Kenny King

  • "ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - Friday morning's heavy rains left greater Minnesota wading in flood waters; almost seven inches of rain fell, according to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office. Streets in Alexandria, Osakis and Nelson were all reported flooded Friday morning. Classic Autobody in Nelson reported more than six inches of water poured into his business. The total damage has not yet been calculated. The media center in the Jefferson High School building in Alexandria was left soaked and soggy following the rain downpour Friday morning. Kim Fuchs said people near Alexandria Recreational Vehicles on Highway 29 were forced to use a paddle boat to get to the mailbox. KSAX viewers sent in pictures of what appeared to be significant flooding near the St. Agnes School in Osakis. Send your flooding pictures to or post the to the KSAX Eyewitness News Facebook page. Stay with KSAX as we continue to follow the flooding throughout greater Minnesota. Written for the web by Kenny King"
  • Heavy Rain Fall Floods Parts of Alexandria, Created: 07/15/2011 5:55 PM

  • "ALEXANDRIA, Minn. (KSAX) - Heavy rain hit Alexandria early Friday morning, damaging cars, schools and other buildings. More than seven inches fell in the city, flooding and causing damage to many parts of the area. Alexandria Police Captain, Scott Kent, said the flooding was especially bad around Legion Park. Kent said a few cars had to be pushed out of the unwanted water. "It gets pretty deep,” Kent said, “Probably up to mid car and it causes those vehicles to stale out”. At Jefferson High School, another unwanted puddle piled up outside the science wing. It flooded the media room, science labs and hallways. Rick Nelson, the Director of Buildings and Grounds worked Friday morning to clean up the mess. "We're sand bagging on the inside of the building to try and keep the water out,” Nelson said, “At the same time, we’re using equipment to get that water dried up and dry the school up as quick as we can". Nelson said luckily there is no structural damage has been done, but getting rid of all the water will take some time. "It’s just going to be time consuming and it's going to put us back on summer work this year,” Nelson said. Another massive puddle of water piled up Friday morning, on Viking Speedway's clay racetrack. "Being clay that holds water, it takes it longer for it to dry out,” Bill Fisher, former board member said, “Plus, the infield where all of our cars are parked, it's really wet in there and it's just going to be impossible at this point to get all the water and dry it”. Former Viking Speedway Board Member, Bill Fisher said they'll just have to wait for the water to dry up on its own, and Saturday night racing will have to wait. "It’s a race that we can't have tomorrow night," Fisher said. Written for the web by Emily Reppert "
  • Glenwood Flood Victims Urge City for Change , Updated: 07/15/2011 10:51 PM

  • "GLENWOOD, Minn. (KSAX) - Flooding is nothing new for many in Glenwood, but Friday morning's storm meant sewage in basements and home evacuations, causing victims to ask what can be done to solve the problem. The City of Glenwood is known for Lake Minnewaska, but it was a different body of water that had many in town upset. Friday morning's flood drowned the yards and basements on Fourth and Fifth streets. "We had five inches of rain, and the storm drains can't handle that much water, especially with a lot of the storm drains going into the lake. They're not actually draining into the lake (Minnewaska) because the water is so high, so there's been standing water on Fourth (street) all summer. Now, you have this much rain, there's nowhere for the water to go," flood victim Pat Myslicki said. Amy Lynn Brown and her family need to find a place to stay after about a foot of sewage flowed into her basement this morning. "Nothing's helping it. It's coming in so fast that we just can't stay on top of it," Brown said. With her washer and dryer, and hot water heater submerged, and sewage gas rising through the vents, she said it's time the city does something to fix the problem. "I have three children, I'm not gonna let them be in that house while there's sewage in the basement. I mean, that's ridiculous. Somebody needs to step up to the plate and admit there's a problem," Brown said. City officials said the problem needs to be fixed soon. "I know it's hard to be patient when you have poop coming out of the sewer. It's definitely hard. We are doing the utmost that we can right now. This is definitely one problem that we need to address," Glenwood City Commissioner Sherri Kazda said. But until something is done and the public works director returns to work, neighbors suffering said they will have to fight to keep their heads above water. "That's just the way it is over here. Apparently, they can't fix it, I don't know," Myslicki said. "We just have to wait til someone gets back from vacation, and that's not ok with me," Brown said. Kazda said there are plans to address the issue at the next city council meeting. Written for the web by Joe Nelson. "
  • Water Makes Waves for Nelson Business Owners,Created: 07/15/2011 7:20 PM

  • "NELSON, Minn., (KSAX) – Over six inches of rain causes flooding and damage to Nelson Garage, Classic Auto Body, Diamond Jim’s, and many others in town. “He came into work and saw some water lapping into his shop, so he went into town to get some supplies to deal with it and when he came back, the water was inside the shop about three to four inches deep,” said Megan Bristow, daughter of the owner of Nelson Garage. Classic Auto Body also had major flooding, causing damage to a generator and preventing the owner from doing his work. “Nelson is notorious for accumulating a lot of water, and it just accumulates in this area and causes a lot of problems for a lot of people,” Bristow said. The water was pouring out of Diamond Jim’s, a local bar along the main Nelson main road. “I’ve never seen it this bad,” said Jerry Miller, co-owner of Diamond Jim’s. He says he has experienced flooding in his shop five times. “It’s a surprise even to me,” he said. Miller says he is not sure what damage has happened to his bar, but will know more as soon as he gets the water pumped out. Written for the web by Samantha Myles. "

    =Twin Cities

  • Heavy rains flood neighborhoods, metro roads 9:41 PM, Jul 16, 2011 Written by KARE 11

  • "NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. -- Heavy rains flooded metro neighborhoods and roads, including a half-mile stretch of Interstate 35W near Interstate 694. Crews closed that section of the well-traveled freeway early Saturday morning, after receiving reports of stalled vehicles. Both directions of I-35W were reopened by around 9:30 p.m. "With the intense rains we had overnight, the overflow ponds have overflown onto the freeway," said Trooper Kyle Klawiter of the Minnesota State Patrol. Klawiter said the water was up to four feet deep in some areas. Crews opted to close the freeway instead of risking further stalls and possible related crashes and injuries. "If we let normal traffic go through, we'd have stalled vehicles all over the place," he said. But the closure created a traffic jam for much of Saturday, with cars backed up for miles. And this wasn't the only road dealing with the downpour, rainwater also flooded sections of Hwy. 10, Hwy. 280 and McKnight Road near Hwy. 36. "There were several in each area that needed to be towed out. No crashes involved in either one of those incidents though," Klawiter said. In addition to the flooded roads, the downpour also soaked nearby neighborhoods and parks. "To my amazement, the park was already flooded and the walking paths were waterfalls. And you could hear the water roaring almost like it was Niagara Falls," said Randy Krongard about Hansen Park in New Brighton. Krongard awoke to the storm early this morning, and decided to check out the damage. He discovered flooded roads, yards and fields. "I've never seen this much water in here," he said. Troopers with the Minnesota State Patrol warn drivers that if they approach a large pool of water of an unknown depth to either stop or turn around. "I would suggest not crossing the road at all. We had four feet of water in some places, your vehicle is not going to make it through that," Klawiter said. (Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.) "
    =>Minneapolis Area
  • Dozens of cars totalled after flash flood Written by Kyle Porter 9:29 PM, Jul 16, 2011

  • "NEW BRIGHTON, Minn. -- The flash flood that hit areas of the metro early Saturday morning caused headaches for many residents just waking up. Many first floor residents are now displaced at Mirror Lake Condominiums in St. Anthony. Resident Melody Pomerenke says the water kept flowing into her apartment and nearly reached the height of her knees. "It kept getting higher and higher," Pomerenke says. "Water was running in." Pomerenke says she placed towels at the bottom of her door, but that didn't stop the water. She says rainwater seeped through the walls. She managed to save her favorite chair, but some of her other furniture is damaged. Just outside Pomerenke's unit, Nick Sweiven attempts to dry out his dad's original 1966 Mustang. "Want to keep the 'Stang nice, we're about to fix it up hopefully," Sweiven says. He hopes the car is passed down to him someday. But over at Garden View Apartments in New Brighton, the flooding situation is worse. Jennifer Giroux was in tears while carrying her belongings from her flooded garage. "It was just pouring massively," Giroux says. Her partner Barry Davis mentioned how nice it was for other residents to help remove their things. The couple moved in about a month ago. They lost much of their belongings stored in the garage, including irreplaceable items. "My computer, pictures of my baby, and baby clothes," Giroux says. "I can't replace those, I can't replace the baby pictures." The apartment complex was hammered when up to six inches of rain fell overnight, causing a nearby creek and pond to overflow. Up to 50 cars in the parking lot are now totalled. Many float in their spots, waiting for owners to push them to dryer ground. Yuriy Nijnik and Natalia Kalganova have lived at Garden View for about six years. They were shocked to find out their Honda was nearly submerged in water. "Very sad, we love our car," Kalganova says. Nijnik took a dirty dip, salvaging whatever was left in the car. He is a part-time photographer and found some umbrellas and lighting equipment, which seemed to work fine. Many residents at Garden View say they are furious that they were not warned about the possibility of flooding. They say rainwater caused a flood about five years ago. Other residents say they were woken up Saturday morning by a staff member, urging them to save their cars and belongings. (Copyright 2011 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.) "

    -Heat Wave

    =>Health Tips

  • How to stay cool and healthy during a heat wave,

  • "As summer roars into full swing, cities across the country are finding themselves in the scorching grip of yet another heat wave. The mercury has already climbed upwards of 95 degrees in several states and as much as we love the laid back lazy days of summer, such temperatures can be dangerous, even deadly if you don’t know how to cope with a heat wave.
    Here are a few tips to keep you safe and cool during the hot summer months:
    1 – Drink Lots of Water
    Even if you aren’t thirsty it’s important to drink lots of cool water. To switch things up you can make a 50-50 mix of water and fruit juice, a great option for kids. It’s important to avoid alcohol, energy drinks and soft drinks. Caffeine will zap your stored water reserves and lead to dehydration, which is extremely unhealthy and dangerous.
    2 - Stay in the Shade
    If you’re going to be outside, spend as much time in the shade as possible. The scorching sun will contribute to dehydration and may lead to heat stroke. Try to schedule your outdoor activities for the early morning or evening, when temperatures are cooler and there is less direct sunlight.
    3 – Keep Your Home Cool
    If you don’t have air conditioning, make sure there are fans going at all times during the day. Just don’t use a fan in a closed room without open doors or windows. Take a cool shower when you start to feel overheated. If it gets too hot inside your home, find another place to relax and stay cool. The local library or shopping malls are great places to keep your mind occupied while waiting out the heat. Several cities also offer designated cooling centers where you can cool off and have a drink of water.
    4 – Dress Appropriately for the Heat
    Wear loose-fitting light colored clothing. Cotton is ideal, as synthetic fabrics tend to retain heat, which will make your time spent outside much more miserable. It’s always a good idea to put on a hat and sun block when you venture outdoors.
    5 – Turn Off Appliances
    Keeping appliances and electronics on will make it hotter in your house. Lights, televisions and computers all generate heat. Be sure to turn off any appliances and electronics not in use to avoid raising the temperature in your home. Also, try to eat food you don’t have to cook during the day. Using the oven or stovetop can lead to a fast and very uncomfortable spike in heat.
    6 – Know the Side Effects of Your Medication
    If you are any kind of medication, health care professionals want you to know that it is very important to know the potential side effects. Some medicines impact the way your body controls and regulates temperatures and others increase the risk of sun burn. These side effects are much more common than you might think in both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Pay close attention to the side effects of your medicine and always contact a health care physician when in doubt.
    7 - Make the Most of Your Refrigerator
    Keep a spray bottle full of water in your refrigerator during the day and spray yourself every once in a while for a much needed cool down. The fridge is also a great place to keep lotions and other skincare items. Using cooled lotions on your feet will help bring your body temperature down.
    8 – Don’t Eat Heavy Foods
    Cool, light meals like a fresh salad, cold fruit and small snacks are the best fare when the heat is in its prime. A heavy meal will just bog you down and could force you to use the dreaded oven. Keep your meals light during the day and you’ll feel much cooler and have more energy.
    About the author: Julie Lee is a freelance writer who tends to focus her writing on college life and student health issues as well as helpful advice on college degree programs such as health care administration.

    Beat the Heat this Summer

    "Uploaded by MyTV9Star on Jul 8, 2010 Angela Campion, the MyTV9 Star, shows you ways to keep cool this summer. "
    Credits: Photo courtesy of Tor Lindstrand. "
  • Heat Wave Should Continue Through The Week July 18, 2011 12:25 PM

  • "MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Today’s going to feel so uncomfortable, you won’t remember the last time it seemed so blazing hot. Oh wait, it was just yesterday.
    That’s right, high temperatures will once again feel like they’ve been given a major boost by high dewpoints. Meteorologist Mike Augustyniak expects that the heat index should feel as high as 115 degrees both Monday and Tuesday.
    Skies should be mostly sunny on Monday, as well, which should create a potentially dangerous weather situation.
    Regions Hospital said three patients with heat-related illnesses visited the ER Monday. The hospital did not comment on their condition, but did say that a total of eight people have visited the ER since the heat wave began with conditions ranging from dehydration to heat exhaustion.
    An excessive heat warning is in effect until 9 p.m. Wednesday. The hot and humid conditions will lead to a heightened risk of heat-related stress and illnesses.
    Residents are urged to take extra precautions if they work or will be spending time outside. Strenuous outdoor activities should be rescheduled to early morning or late evening.
    Other precautions include wearing lightweight or loose fitting clothing and drinking plenty of water.
    Regions Hospital said four people have been hospitalized due to heat-related illness, ranging from dehydration to heat exhaustion.
    Fairview Ridges Hospital in Burnsville also saw four people Monday morning for heat problems, but all were treated and released.
    The Aquatennial tennis classic was delayed due to the extreme heat — high humidity left the court sopping wet. Organizers had to towel up the court to keep players from slipping. Matches were scheduled to restart at 10:30 a.m.
    "I remember two years ago at this tournament, we had players in towels and blankets because it was 50 degrees. So this is the opposite end of it,” Aquatennial tournament director Lisa Mushett said. “But it’s summer in Minnesota, we’re just happy that it’s sunny and people can get out and enjoy the weather because the cold stuff is coming soon.”
    Organizers said they asked the players if they’d prefer to play indoors but they insisted on staying outside. Additional breaks will be inserted into the matches, plus plenty of water will be on hand.
    Medical crews at Target Field were kept busier than usual on Sunday with a number of people needing treatment for heat-related issues.
    Kevin Smith, executive director of public affairs for the Minnesota Twins, said most of the people seeking treatment were elderly.
    There will be many precautions in place for Monday’s double header, including water stations around the stadium. There is a game at noon and another at 7 p.m.
    Watch the Noon Weather Report:"

    -Severe Thunderstorm

  • Afternoon Storms Douse Twin Cities Wind knocks down large trees, power lines Updated: Monday, 01 Aug 2011, 11:52 PM CDT

  • "MINNETRISTA, Minn. - Several large trees and some power lines were downed near County Roads 26 and 110 in Minnetrista as storms move into the Twin Cities metro from western Minnesota. The storm damage was reported just before 1 p.m. Monday afternoon, about 10 minutes after a severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Hennepin County.
    More trees were reported down in Plymouth and parts of St. Paul have lost power. Xcel Energy said 34,791 metro customers lost power in the storm.
    Lightning also struck homes and businesses in the west metro, but even those who couldn't see the light could definitely hear it.
    A bolt struck the transformer behind Bob Bender's house in Crystal, Minn., knocking out power to the entire neighborhood.
    "It was loud," he said. "I was wondering what was going to happen, if there's any water in my basement."
    Just across the street from Bender's home, winds estimated at 50 miles per hour toppled a 100-foot tree.
    In Brooklyn Park, Sally Wojahn was busy cooking when Mother Nature decided to serve up some singed shingles.
    "Ran upstairs and fire alarms were giong off, something smelled singed," she said. "Called my husband and then I thought, 'I need to call the fire department!'"
    Luckily for Wojahn, a little siding was the only thing that burned, but the electricity left the Wojahns home a little fried.
    "Garage doors don't work, TVs don't work, but I feel fortunate," she said.
    The storm also knocked down trees in Plymouth, taking out power to street lights and bringing rush hour at Highway 55 and Interstate 494 to a crawl.
    On Monday morning, storms uprooted trees and damaged docks, boats and cabins on Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood, Minn. , about 130 miles west of the Twin Cities.
    If you are in the path of the storm, seek shelter immediately inside a sturdy structure like a basement or interior room and stay away from windows. "

    Afternoon Storms Douse Twin Cities:


  • Severe Storm Knocks Out Power to More Than 3000 in Greater Minnesota, Updated: 08/01/2011 9:50 AM

  • Storm downs trees, knocks out power in west central Minn. 12:13 PM, Aug 1, 2011

  • "..The two towns are located north of Lake Minnewaska, two and a half hours northwest of the Twin Cities.
    Riley also says power outages are widespread, with large areas of Glenwood, Lowry, Farwell and Starbuck left without electricity.
    Just north of the area in Alexandria, an automated censor picked up a 68 MPH wind gust at 7:22 a.m. Most of the storm went through the area between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. Monday morning. ..

  • Severe Thunderstorms Destroy Cars, Buildings and Power Lines in Pope County , Updated: 08/01/2011 8:20 PM By: Laurie Stribling

  • "POPE COUNTY, Minn. (KSAX) – Severe thunderstorms destroyed cars, buildings, trees and power lines in Pope County leaving 3,000 people without power.
    It happened just after 7:30 a.m. Monday according to Pope County Sheriff Tim Riley. Winds may have reached up to 70 miles per hour in Glenwood, Lowry and Farwell leaving the towns looking like war zones.
    "All of sudden down goes my tree and onto my car," Glenwood resident Dale Zimmerman said. "It makes you sick, really makes you sick; that's nature I guess."
    Destroyed power lines left 3,000 Runestone Electric customers without power in Grant, Stevens, Douglas and Pope Counties, and an REA spokesperson said some outages may last more than 24 hours. The damaged lines also closed down Highway 55 east of Lowry; the highway may remain closed for up to two days following the storm.
    "Trying to get the roadways opened up has been a challenge,” Riley said. “Then, with the heavy rain and the flooding on top of that, it’s just been a real mess."
    Riley wants to encourage people to avoid traveling to Glenwood for the next few days if possible.
    Written for the web by Laurie Stribling"



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