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Growing up in the cities, I wasn't exposed much to the Minnesota outdoors. It wasn't until I came to Morris, Minnesota where I met many outdoor enthusiasts! The associate pastor of my local church even came up with an apostolic ministry called, Outfitters for Adventure, that plants churches through relationshop building!

The closest outdoor sport I participated growing-up was "Archery", which was one of the fun classes I had an opportunity to take while attending Battle Creek Middle School in St. Paul. I really enjoyed this class, which was probably a rare opportunity!

My Favorite Minnesota - Natural Wonders
"I'm Dudley Edmondson and I'm a nature photographer, author and all around outdoor enthusiast. As a seasoned photographer, I have spent the last 17 years of my life traveling around the nation working with wild subjects in wilderness spaces in just about every habitat America has to offer. \\ When I'm not working on a photographic assignment or traveling on a speaking engagement, I spend most of my free time cycling, kayaking, skiing or trail running. I'm proud to admit that I own 4 bikes and am always looking for another one to add to my collection. \\ My most recent project is my first book: Black & Brown Faces in America's Wild Places. To complete the book I spent 4 years traveling around the nation in search of other African Americans who share my passion for the outdoors. The goal of the book is to encourage other African Americans to get out and experience nature for their own mental and physical health. If the book is successful, I hope it will encourage stewardship among people of color, which I believe is the only way to ensure sustainable conservation efforts in the United States."


I've learned to appreciate Minnesota winters by going sledding, skiing, ice skating, snow boarding, and willing to try ice fishing someday!


Ice Skates

  • REI, in Roseville, MN
  • Sports Authority
  • -Recreational
    American Athletic 548 Cougar Boys'/Men's Recreational Ice Skates, from the sports authority
    Ferland Hockey
    *bought a pair of Hockey Skate: Patins de Hockey from Play it Again Sports

    Skating Rinks

    -Twin Cities

  • Ice Skating Rinks in Twin Cities, from

  • ST. PAUL
  • Ramsey County-Skating Opportunities
  • Roseville Oval Center (schedules)
  • Ice Skating Lap, from
    "A lap around the OVAL at the John Rose Ice Center in Roseville, MN., the largest outdoor refrigerated ice facility in the world. "
  • Twin Cities Skating Rink
  • -Nation

    Figure Skating

    SKIING (Cross-Country, Downhill, etc.>)


  • Afton Alps, east of St. Paul

    "Welcome to Afton Alps we are getting ready for the winter season every day! Watch the video and get ready to hit the slopes this season. "
    - Snowboarding, or Tubing too (personal site)
    *30+ minutes from St. Paul
  • Hyland, 8800 Chalet Road Bloomington, MN 55438 763/694-7800
  • Lutsen Mountains, 1 hour NE of Duluth along the "North Shore" (Lake Superior)

  • (personal site)
    *see GoodnewsEverybody: Sports-Xtreme

    My Favorite Minnesota - Snowboarding - Snow Sports

    "Hi, my name is Wade Fischer. I have been snowboarding for 17 years and will probably continue to until I physically can't. I first started snowboarding when I was 14 and I actually built my own snowboard! I had always skateboarded and when the snow fell I needed something to do. So, I ripped some edges off of some old ski's and attached them to some wood and I was hooked ever since! I think the best part of snowboarding is just being with friends and having a good time. I know that some people can get pretty stressed out about getting the biggest trick or the most air but I think just being with friends and having a good time is what keeps me going. "


    My Favorite Minnesota - Snowmobiling - Snow Sports

    "In Memory of C.J. Ramstad 1945-2007
    Hey all, I'm C.J. Ramstad. I've written the official Snowmobile Trail Guide for the State of Minnesota for several years. I've been involved with the sport since 1969, and have traveled virtually every one of the 20,000 miles of trails in the state. I belong to a snowmobiling group called the Muddoggers, who ride together, following the snow, saddlebag style (no trucks). I've published magazines in the snowmobiling industry since 1973, and have served as editor at every existing snowmobiling publication. I have also written four books about snowmobiling. My snowmobiling travels have taken me around the world, from South America to Russia, to Iceland and Scandinavia. More content is found here."

    This past weekend (Feb 2005), I went with a couple of youth to checkout the snowmobile race on the "2 Foot Ice Thick" Lake Minnewaska in Glenwood's annual "Winterama".

    {Photo Gallery}

    Cory and Mike watching the snowmobile race

    Cory and Mike check out the parked snowmobiles

    Secound-half of the snowmobile race, which can get very loud when you stay long enough!

    Cory takes one of 3 shots in the ice golf (see World Ice Golf Championship in Greenland) game along the Glenwood beach side of Lake Minnewaska

    Minow Eating Contest-whoever eats the most in 30 sec wins!

    Cory, Mike, and I head to my vehicle parked amongst others on the "thick" ice! It was my first time actually driving on ice, which I was a little scared. Mike told me the ice is 2 feet deep, which gave me the confidence to do this. I would later found out that I should always leave my windows open in case my car fall through-especially my vehicle having electric powered windows (other driving tips)! I would also have have car problems later that evening after driving around Morris.

    Related Sites:
    -Snowmobiling in Minnesota


    My Favorite Minnesota - Mountain Biking - adventure sports

    "I first mountain biked while living in Chile, South America. When I returned to Minnesota, I thought that, without mountains, there'd be no "real" mountain biking. I was very mistaken. There are great trails around the Twin Cities themselves, with obstacles and a maze of trails varying in difficulty. There are many trails around Duluth and the rest of the state as well. Check with Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists [MORC (] about trails where you want to ride. Spin those wheels and have some fun!"


    During the summer, I've had rare opportunities to go fishing, water skiing, camping, and hikking (see Summer 03'Hikiing Trip!

    As I've grown in my personal relationship with God, I've learn to grow in appreciation and a fascination of His creation. Especially here in the United States, where the terrain is probably the most diverse than any nation in this planet!


    I went "real" camping for the first time ever in 2003! I slept in a tent before-first time as a little kid in the backyard with a neighbor. Here is my story=> Camping Trip of 2003

    My Favorite Minnesota - Camping - Campsites

    "Hi, my name is Paul Sundberg. I've been a park ranger for 35 years. I'm an avid outdoorsman and photographer. We started taking my daughter camping in the boundary waters canoe area and state parks when she was only six months old. Our favorite family memories have been made while camping in Minnesota. There is so much wildlife in Minnesota to see, moose, timberwolves, waking up in a tent to the call of a loon. Minnesota has so much public land that you can get out and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, photographing nature, and just being out there soaking up the great outdoors."

  • Best Campgrounds In Minnesota May 19, 2012 6:00 AM

  • "In today’s camping environment, available amenities range from full electrical and water hookups to nesting down in the backwoods. For some, a weekend of camping very closely resembles being at home — with everything from satellite TV and mobile Internet to a stove to cook dinner and air conditioning. For others, camping isn’t camping if you can see a light or have access to running water. No matter your expectations, Minnesota’s multitude of campgrounds have a little something for everyone....
  • Camping / Lodging,

  • " • Whether you're roughing it in a tent, or taking it easy in a cabin, you can find the perfect spot for a vacation in a Minnesota state forest or state park. • State forests provide more than 2,000 miles of forest roads and thousands of logging trails, including 46 campgrounds with 1,000 campsites. State parks offer more than 5,000 campsites or a variety of cabins, guesthouses and other lodging. Plus, there are thousands of miles of rugged or paved state trails and water trails that can lead you there."
  • Find a state park by location,
  • Equipment

  • Coleman, camping gear
  • Minnesota State Parks, from the DNR
  • Helpful Tips:
    Over 40 Mosquito Bite Itch Relief Tips


    Fishing for Beginners

    "Instructions on what is needed to start fishing, and how to tie a hook "


  • Minnesota Fishing Museum
  • Fish 4 Fun
  • Lake Lida, lakes region of Minnesota connection
  • Geography


  • Minnesota

  • -West Central
    Douglas County:
  • Douglas County Minnesota Fishing Lakes

  • Lobster Lake douglas county lakes - , from
    " Closest Town: Garfield
    Lake Size: 1,308 Acres
    Public Boat Access: Located on West shore of lake off Co. Hwy. 27
    Lake Notes: Specializing in Northern Pike, Bluegill and Crappie. Walleye, Largemouth Bass and Rock Bass also caught. Maximum depth of 66 ft.

    Lake information report printer friendly version, from
    Name: LOBSTER
    Nearest Town: GARFIELD
    Primary County: Douglas
  • Alexandria Minnesota Easy To Get To, Hard To Leave By Wayne Ek from

  • "Alexandria is both a popular destination for the avid angler as well as a wonderful family vacation destination.
    This is truly one of those rare locations where an avid angler can take the family on vacation, fish every day and not feel guilty. The area has something for everyone. For the shopper there is a charming downtown area, with antique shops, boutiques, wine bars and specialty stores. There are casual and formal dining establishments scattered throughout the area. Kids of all ages will enjoy the indoor water park at Arrowwood Resort. For the golfer, there are 13 courses in the area. The lakes area boasts 3 museums, a winery and fun festivals every weekend. Carlos State Park, on the north end of Lake Carlos, has beautiful camping facilities and a great trail system for day hiking or horseback riding.
    The walleye may be Minnesota’s state fish, but it is this area’s spectacular bass fishing, both for largemouth and smallmouth, that will make every bass angler stand-up and take notice. Some would say… arguably the best bass fishing in the upper Midwest....

    Take A Kid Fishing

  • All About Fishing, Minnesota
  • National Fishing Week, take me fishing
  • SATURDAY, JUNE 11th 2005 @9:30a-3:30p
    "TAKE A KID FISHING event will be held at the public access to Lake Oliver (north of Appleton in Swift County) on Co. Rd. 5. All kids welcome. Volunteers and boats needed. Sponsored by Holloway Rod & Gun Club. For more info contact Jeff & Heather Piotter (320) 289-1762. "-Morris Sun Tribune Community Calender
    I just called the number above and chatted with Holly. She told me that the age range are 0-16 years old. If it's their first year, they get a free fishing pole. The second year, they get a free tackle box. Plus, they can ride a boat with the other "kids". Those over 17 can come, but will not get these FREE services.

    ] Maps: (1)(2)


  • Fishing Minnesota
  • Types


  • Ask About Walleye Fishing

  • Fast & Easy Fish Cleaning Tips for Walleye, Perch, and Panfish By Chris Hustad of

  • cooking walleye fish, from

  • Fishing Spots
  • Ramsey County

    In-Line Skating

    Inline oval track skating roseville mn

    "This video from is of the web night track speed skating in Roseville MN every wed june-aug. Sponsored by Come try inline track skating, teaches you surge recovery skills for long distance marathon races. "


    A friend of mine is going Pheasant Hunting in Redfield, South Dakota during the season opener this weekend (October 15th-17th of 2004)

  • Hunting Society
  • Pheasant Hunt Pages
  • Spring Lake Hunting Lodge Resort, in South Dakota
  • Hunting

    -Deer Hunting


    "As the deer panteth for the water
    So my soul longeth after Thee
    You alone are my heart's desire
    And I long to worship Thee"
    -lyrics from gospel christian songs free mp3

    I was able to take this "rare" picture out in the backyard of my parent's home in St. Paul. I would read in the Distict 1 Newspaper that many deers has been running around the area, which they opened it to bow-hunting to help decrease the deer population in this area.



  • Outdoor Center, basement of the Student Center in UMM

  • Regional Fitness Center: Canoe Rentals, $9/day
  • Events

  • ‘Tony Dean Outdoors’ star, renowned artist headline PF banquet March 29 Morris Sun Tribune Published Wednesday, February 27, 2008

  • "The Stevens County Pheasants Forever chapter’s annual banquet will feature two legends of the outdoors.
    Tony Dean, star of Outdoor TV’s “Outdoors with Tony Dean” show, will be at the March 29 banquet, along with renowned wildlife artist James Meager.
    The banquet is at the Old #1 Southside and is limited to 300 seats, said Stevens County PF President Jason Kirwin. “We will sell out before the banquet,” Kirwin said.
    Meager is expected to donate paintings to the fundraiser, and a PF Early Bird Drawing for a shotgun is March 15.
    Tickets are available by calling Kirwin at (320) 287-1306, or county PF Banquet Chair Troy Engebretson at (320) 760-0601."


  • Boundary Waters Experience, a faith growing adventure for any individual or group!
  • Biking

  • Eriks Bike Shop, throughout Twin Cities metro area
  • Fishing

  • Western Prairie Waters, fishing hot spots


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